Terms and Conditions for Dehome Publishing

Updated: April 25, 2023


By using Dehome Publishing (“us”, “we”, or “our”) products and services offered at dehomepublishing.com,  you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms:

  1. Product Use Agreement
  2. Payment Processing and Return Policy
  3. Individualized Results Clause

A. Product Use Agreement

When you download free resources or register for paid products at dehomepublishing.com  we will send your requested digital products to the email you used to sign-up. Emails are furnished by Diana Donaldson, dehomepublishing.com owner, from the email: support@dehomepublishing.com. You agree to not sell or distribute any resources you receive or pay for. 

We appreciate and operate on referrals! If what you learn and gain at dehomepublishing.com is of value to you, we would love for you to send your network to dehomepublishing.com. 

Bookshelf Listings

Dehome Publishing is the self-publisher for Owner and Author. You will find links to Amazon offers on Dehome Publishing. Amazon processes payment and furnishes book products to you from their on-demand fulfillment centers. For concerns about links or products please email support@dehomepublishing.com 

Live Events Code of Conduct

Future live events may be offered. These will be hosted through Teams or Zoom. Live events by default are not recorded. If we have chosen to record any live event, this will be clearly stated on the event description page. We expect the respect of each participant towards one another; each member is in a different stage of the process. Any aggressive or shaming language is strictly prohibited and will result in user account deletion.


ArtPrompt Membership

Dehomepublishing.com offers a paid monthly subscription service called ArtPrompt Membership. Members receive weekly prompts detailing simple, approachable art projects that can be done in short periods of time. There is no guarantee of user experience or success. Materials are not included. 

Payment Processing and Cancelation: Once you sign up you will be billed automatically each month by credit card; there is no cash or check option. If you need to cancel you must submit your request to billing@dehomepublishing.com four days before your automatic payment. We will not be able to process returns or refunds beyond four days after your card was charged. 

Content: You agree to not sell or distribute any of our material. You retain rights to all material you create as a result of provided prompts. 

Product: Activity guidance and direction sent over email. Some packaged art prompts may be delivered through Google Docs or Sheets. Users are to create a copy before being able to use. 

B. Payment Processing

Payments are processed via Stripe immediately at the point of sale. We do not retain address or credit card information. We do retain your name and email which are removed from our system one year from the date of purchase. Orders are managed by dehomepublishing.com owner, Diana  Donaldson. 

C. Return/Refund Policy

Any item purchased through Amazon is subject to Amazon’s return policies. For membership purchases, you are billed for the proceeding month automatically, using the credit card on file. You can cancel at any time. If you have any issues email billing@dehomepublishing.com


D. Individualized Results Clause

The results you achieve by following our systems and educational resources are unique to you and will vary among users. We will never dictate the duration you will implement or complete each stage. The resources are meant to support joy, balance, and well being in your life. 


Contact Us

For questions please email Diana Donaldson directly at diana@dehomepublishing.com. 

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